Pros of Wordpress base web development over basic PHP base development


Today the topic which i want to discuss with you is very hot topic among developer and clients. People many times ask why we use wordpress over basic php development while designing a website. So here in this article i am trying to expalin few points about pros of use word press development over basic php development.

Wordpress provide templates of almost every neeche, so you just have to pick one according to your need and your ready to go. whereas in php we have to design the whole layout bit by bit and word by word. For example you want to develop site for Travel agency, Rent A car business, software house site, an ecommerce store just pick the right template and it will build the full layout in front of you on clicks of your finger tips.

Wordpress is equiped with thousands of plugins which are increasing day by day, which we can use according to our required functionality by only installing them and then activating them. whereas in php we have to write down every single line of code for our every required functionality.

Wordpress is one of the best solutions for eCommerce website development as it is loaded with Woocomerce plugin (that bares all your pain of shopping cart, payment, order processing and shipping and much more) without clicks of mouse.

Wordpress is not only beneficial for developer but also for clients because after getting the project up and running client can customize the look and feel of his website without help of the developer again and again. He has full control of his images, posts, comments and pages etc.


In the end i summarize the topic that wordpress has made the website development and management easier and faster for both clients and developers.


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